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Sylvia Earle was launched in March 2019. She can accommodate a maximum of 120 guests.

On our new purpose-built ship, the Sylvia Earle, connect with like-minded travellers in a meaningful way on perspective-altering voyages to some of the most remote, unique and spectacular places on the planet.

The Sylvia Earle is a floating ambassador for the conservation of the planet. Paying tribute to Dr. Sylvia Earle and six pioneering conservationists with public decks honouring their contributions and shining a light on their important conservation causes.

Certified 100% Climate Neutral, with a fully equipped Citizen Science Centre, expert lectures and participative Citizen science programs, to enrich your knowledge and connection to the places we travel to.

The Sylvia Earle is a comfortable base camp for adventure. With a maximum of 132 expeditioners, our aim is to get you off ship experiencing the natural environment as much as possible and our smaller groups also mean we can tread lightly, making a positive impact to the environment.

Each of the vessel’s public decks bear the names of six pioneering female conservationists – Dr. Carden Wallace AM, Joanna Ruxton, Sharon Kwok, Bernadette Demientieff, Dr. Asha de Vos and Hanli Prinsloo – along with a deck dedicated to Dr. Earle herself. The scientists are inspiring leaders in their fields, and as part of the deck theming, will educate our expeditioners on the impressive and important conservation work they continue to do. Find out more about these talented women in conservation.


Cabins: 76 cabins

Length: 340 ft/104 m


Ulstein Xbow

Used on over 100 vessels in commercial shipping, the streamlined Ulstein X-BOW® cuts through the swell so you feel fewer vibrations and disturbances, and makes quicker transits through waves. This, in combination with Rolls Royce dynamic stabilisers offers unrivalled stability and comfort* on ocean crossings. It also helps reduce our fuel consumption.

Zodiac Launching Platforms

Our ships carry 15 Zodiacs, which you can board via four dedicated, sea-level launching platforms. These platforms make boarding the Zodiacs as quick, efficient and safe as possible, minimising wait times and getting you closer to the action for longer.

Whether you’re Zodiac cruising through awe-inspiring fjords in search of wildlife or making a quick transit from ship to a shore landing site, these sturdy crafts will play an integral role in your expedition experience.

Activities Platform

We offer a range of add-on adventure activities from kayaking and diving to climbing and ski touring, and the Greg Mortimer is designed to support these activities, making the transition from ship to sea or shore as smooth as possible. We built the spacious activity preparation areas and loading platforms in consultation with our expert activity guides.

You will also have access to lockers and rapid drying areas for dry suits and wet suits, to give your gear the best chance to dry between excursions.

Hydraulic Viewing Platforms

In addition to onboard observation areas, the Greg Mortimer features unique hydraulic viewing platforms, which fold out for unobstructed views of passing marine life and seabirds.

These platforms were designed in conjunction with Greg Mortimer himself, and can be used during gentle ship cruises or when the ship is stationery when weather conditions allow.

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  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Antarctic Circle
  • South Georgia Island
  • Falkland Islands
  • Weddell Sea
  • Greenland
  • Svalbard
  • Northwes Passage
  • Iceland
  • Northern Lights
  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • Patagonia
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama


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