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Star Clipper Cruises has been recognised as having the world's largest square rigger ship in service. For those who dream about sailing the ocean waves, there is probably no other cruise line that has been sharing such dreams with passengers. For 30 years it has been leading the world in such adventures.

Star Clippers offers an experience that is both modern and classic, but never ordinary. Our three tall sailing ships embrace the romance of sailing the open ocean using wind charts to navigate to small ports and harbours that larger ships can’t access. At the same time, our modern ships offer guests all the comfort and amenities you would expect from a luxury yacht like a swimming pool, sun decks, bars, dining venue, library, and wellness facility.

The well-designed cabins provide a comfortable private space for relaxing after an adventurous day. One of the main highlights of a Star Clippers sailing is the opportunity to participate in the sailing process. Raise the sails, steer the ship, or simply relax in the hammock-like bowsprit net, suspended over the blue ocean. While on board, we encourage you to do everything, or nothing at all.

As we embark on the season ahead, we’re excited to present this preview of our upcoming sailing itineraries through March 2025 for sailings in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Central America. So, no matter what part of the globe you choose to visit, or which of the three Star Clippers’ ships you choose to sail on, we promise you a unique, intimate sailing experience not possible on a larger ship.


Sail away on an authentic, breathtaking voyage with Star Clippers. Onboard, the days are what you make of them, and freed from deadlines and timelines, you can fill your time any way you choose. Relax by the pool, chat with new friends in the Tropical Bar while the bartender shakes up a few cocktails or lose yourself admiring the scenery. Whatever you do, don’t miss the daily Sail-Away, when the Captain orders the sails raised while Vangelis provides a dramatic soundtrack.


Wherever we go, we invite local performers onboard to give us a taste of their culture, music and arts, and they fill our decks with song and dance for memories that will last a lifetime. Our talented onboard entertainers play piano or pick up their guitar to delight guests with familiar favorites and current hits. And on each sailing, guests are invited to dress up for Pirate Night and White Night, two evenings that aren’t to be missed.


Adventure means something new every day on Star Clippers. Muster your sense of exploration and climb to the Crow’s Nest to scan the seas for ships from nearly 100 feet above the deck. Relax in the bowsprit net suspended yards above the ocean and marvel as dolphins play in the waves beneath. Keep Star Clippers’ sailing traditions alive as you help haul sail, learn the vital art of navigation by compass and star, and brush up on your knot tying in sailor-led classes.

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