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A dawn of fairness may be nudging itself over the horizon and finally casting a golden hue over independent travellers and their Solo Cruises.  Nearly a quarter of all Australians have reputedly voyaged on their own and this trend is increasing, not waning. It has also not gone unnoticed.

Cruise lines have smelt change in the wind and reacted proactively. Finally, they are starting to treat solo travellers with the respect they deserve and not just as money-making machines. For too long, they have been flogging single travellers with punitive solo supplements, simply for not filling a room with two passengers. Now, we are seeing a small band of avant garde cruise lines actually designing staterooms to suit independent travellers. Better still, they are not being treated like second class citizens who are thrown interior cabins, like bones to a hungry dog.  

How Do You Find a Decent Solo Cruise? 

If you are ever contemplating a solo cruise, there is one overriding asset you must have on your side: knowledge.

The cruise industry is awash with so much information. Travellers suffer from an informational overload from every quarter and every cruise line. Decision making is a mine field of ships, ports, packages, promotions, dates, discounts, floors, dining, Wifi, entertainment, clubs, newsletters, COVID policies, flights and hotel reservations. And if that is not enough, imagine throwing in 110 cruise lines, 4500 ports and goodness knowns how many countless ships.

How does one safely walk through this giant abyss and get to the end, where a cruise is worth booking?

The answer is actually simple. Work with a company like BlueSun Cruises. Every day we have consultants who have been through this process before you. More importantly, they are trained experts that have to meet accredited standards each year.  On top of this, we have a marketing team that filters the rubbish from the good. We are excellent at finding diamonds on a coal heap!

BlueSun Cruises is a division of BlueSun Travel. We work with every the major cruise line in the world. We are an ATAS accredited cruise agency with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), a member of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


When you book your cruise holiday through BlueSun Cruises, you tap into the biggest travel guys behind the scenes which is why our prices are pretty much unbeatable. This includes:

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