APT TOURS continues to grow in leaps and bounds and thanks to the expertise of companies like BlueSun Cruises, APT deliver the most comprehensive “speciality cruises” in the world.

Through BlueSun you now get access to:

European River Cruising – travel down the Danube River or Rhine River, or the glorious Douro River in Portugal. How about France’s magical Rhone and River Seine too.

Africa River Cruising – take an African wildlife Zambezi safari on the Chobe River from Cape Town to Livingstone.

Antarctica Cruises – cruising to the most spectacular polar wildnesses on earth.

South East Asia & Japan Cruises – relish the exotic seascapes and flavours of Asia with these eye-opening cruises and tropical experiences.

Mediterranean and Western Europe Cruises – unravel the mesmerising seafaring routes of antiquity that been the founding stones of modern travel that today we recognise as steeped in culture, history, food and wine.

Northern Europe and Iceland Cruises – travel the northern corridors of the Baltics, the fjords of Norway and the far flung island of Iceland.

Central and South American Cruises – sail the Amazing and immerse yourself in the “latin” regions where Spanish and Portugese explorers paved the way for today’s generation of cruise travellers.

The world really is your oyster with APT Tours and BlueSun Cruises. Call 08 9315 2222 and let us turn your cruise dreams into reality.