World Cruises


Go on, admit it, you’ve always said to yourself, “One day” when looking at World Cruises. After all, very few travellers get to circumnavigate the globe and cover so many amazing destinations in one voyage.

Well today is new day and thankfully BlueSun Cruises is here to help. We have a massive selection of World Cruises to chose from with journeys that can last anywhere from 90 to 120 days in duration.  Itineraries come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, and not always doing a complete circle around the world. Rarely do you start at Point A and end up at Point A. Somewhere there is an end and a flight is required back home. Again, we can help you with this.

Using our lexicon of cruising, here are some World Crusing Tips:

Segment Cruises

This is where you can pick and glean a part of a world cruise to get your “feet wet” without having to do the whole 120-day journey. It can be a headache managing wardrobe and flight issues, but still worth the effort.

Grand Voyages

This is where you get a little more glamorous with your itinerary and though not strictly coined as “world cruises”, they do give you more lavish journeys in length (around 70 days or more). You may continent-hop between the US and Europe or stick to a hemisphere.

Boomerang Cruises

In short, this is where you use two ships for one cruise which is a brilliant way to mix up your lengthy voyage with a total “refresh” of faces and experiences. Nothing like a change of scenery to put a bounce back in your cruise.

Off-Season Cruises

Like all holiday products there is a season, even for work cruises. Traditionally the kick-off for World Cruises was in January, but as the cruise line wake up to the wants of passengers, some of them have been moving the goal posts a few months closer to mid-year. Again, call us. We’ll put you in the right direction.

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