Brazil Cruise


Imagine being on a Brazil cruise, it would be pretty hard to beat those jaw-dropping, first impressions, when you turn into  Guanabara Bay to sight  Rio de Janeiro rising out of the ocean waters into the forest-dotted hills and mountain ranges. Sky scrappers mark the backdrop to this incredibly vibrant city, the second largest in Brazil and now the most photographed since the 2016 Olympics. Beaches stretch for miles, a buzz of locals and tourists soaking up the sun, dining in local cafes and restaurants, visiting the museums and galleries and shops, all reflecting this incredibly rich culture.

Sugar Loaf Mountain is the star here, though most come to see the 30-metre tall Cristo Redentor or “Christ the Redeemer” statue. Arms outstretched, you too will feel blessed before it. What a stunning and truly amazing view atop for those that make the climb.

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