Argentina Cruise


An Argentina Cruise and a tango in Buenos Aires should be on your bucket list of last flings. This national dance beats Paris for passion with its coquettish strut and is, well, more steamy than “ Le Coq Sportif”.

The locals are passionate about everything, their beef, their clothing, their gauchos, their polo, and they are fiercely independent. Time stands still here. They eat late and party even later which is a recipe for a lot of fun. In spite of their time keeping everything is laid out with Spanish precision and flair with neat, wide tree lined boulevards, and fabulous period architecture embracing old world charm. Shopping and dining are some of the best in the world. Buenos Aires has an I don’t care where you are from air about it as long as you join the party.

Head south to Ushuaia, the southernmost inhabited city in the world and a former penal colony aptly nicknamed “The end of the World”. Next stop is Antarctica. This is where the Andes collide with the southern ocean at the Tierra del Fuego.  Ushuaia is offset by a spectacular backdrop of mountains and provide some of the most spectacular hiking in the world. Here you will see soaring Andean Condors swooping down from massive dolomite glacial spires. Keep an ear out for the local panpipe music.

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