A Croatia Cruise gives you phenomenal choice. This 1,300 year old city took a bit of a hammering during the shelling in the ‘90s, but has bounced back since. Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic the walled city with its fortified ramparts and red terracotta Florentine style roofs  is an exquisite piece of Dalmatian history with its Dominican monasteries and museums. Some of the alleyways are made of marble and hence traffic free. Dubrovnik is a walking pleasure whether from the ramparts or at street level.

Zadar is a delightful gem of a city set amongst the rocky Dalmatian coast. It was at war with Rome for 200 years, Venice, Austria, France and even Germany during the second world war, with Yugoslavia and then Serbia playing a part more recently.  Roman ruins and medieval relics abound. Listen to the 35 pipe Sea Organ that emits its unique haunting melodies.  There are dozens of nearby resorts and islands to explore as well.

And then there is Split. The 1,700 year old medieval town is offset by dramatic pine clad mountains and Diocletian’s Roman Palace, built in 295 AD. It is a city within a city and apart from the villa it houses sixteen towers, three temples, an emperor’s  mausoleum and it could garrison up to three legions at a time. Split is lots of fun with dozens of cafes and bustling shops and restaurants along its turquoise Riviera. It is an excellent hub for the islands.

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