European River Cruises were once the lifeblood of trading, the reason why ports grew and cities thrived, people ate and armies moved. History followed and developed in their path like veins feeding vital organs. Architecture became more significant, as patterns turned into themes, then styles and movements. Royalty financed expansion, more art, more architecture, vineyards, greater farming needs, and what we have today what is plain and simple pure historical brilliance. From the smallest thatched cottage to the most commanding Chateau, our river systems continue to pump life into travellers. How wonderful that we have inherited such a legacy to enjoy cruising on our European Rivers.

The great rivers are all covered by BlueSun Cruises so take your pick from Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Russia and keep on going if you want Asian Rivers too and the United States. As a preferred Worldwide Cruise Centre we have almost unbeatable deals, many of which include your air, land and water components.

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