What a great choice with BlueSun Cruises under Asia River Cruise. Here are three of our highlights:

Sail the mighty Mekong and discover some of ancient Indochina’s most exotic and friendly countries all in one remarkable journey. Vietnam will ignite your senses with some of the most breathtaking jungle riverscapes in the world. Venturing from Ho Chi Minh City and the rice paddies of Vietnam on to Cambodia’s sleepy rural floating villages and the UNESCO Angkor Wat temple complex made famous in the Khmer Rouge days. You will be plunged into a world of sampans, forgotten temples, hidden villages, pagodas and mesmerising palaces all enshrined in the mysteries of Buddhist culture where you can savour the crafts and cuisine of Laos, Siem Reap, and Phnom Penh for a truly intimate oriental experience.

A Ganges river cruise is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the east and Indian culture. Passing through villages, towns, cities, temples and monuments are all part of the exotic package in getting to grips with the people, their customs, history and their ways. India’s approach to time is sacred, as Gandhi so famously demonstrated. You could travel India in a rickshaw, but a luxury river cruise boat is far more in keeping with the ebb and flow of life in India itself. It is sedate and timeless and yet an assault on all your senses in the flavours, sights, colours and spirit of so large a nation. The “Golden Triangle” Delhi, Jaipur’s pink city , and the romantic statement of Agra’s epic Taj Mahal. will all leave an indelible impression. And so too you will be equally humbled by Mother Theresa’s home and sanctuary in Kolkata.

There is a treasure trove of beautiful sights to see and uncover in Myanmar that stretch back to the Burma of Rudyard Kipling’s “Road to Mandalay” and the wealth of Myanmar’s epic history and colonial past in Yangon (Rangoon). As you cruise through the lakes and teak forests of the 700 plus pagodas of Mandalay and Amarapura, and discover the charm and gentle hospitality of the smiling faces of the locals in Ananda and Bagan you will be transported back millennia to a world of spiritual discovery unsurpassed in the modern world.  Golden sunsets, stupas and Yangon’s stunning Shwedagon pagoda and royal palaces await you on one of the world’s most mystical river adventures.

A Yangtze River cruise will take you through the narrow sheer cliffs of the gigantic Three Gorges region with its spectacular mountain scenery, visiting the 12-story-high Shibao Pagoda and stopping at the Three Gorges Dam.  Flowing from Tibet to Shanghai and being the third longest river in the world at 6,280 kilometres (3,900 miles), a river cruise on the Yangtze will normally combine both elements of  rural and cosmopolitan China with a fair amount of flying and land based activities in between. Choose any one of these “cruisetours” to include Xi’an and the famous Terra-cotta army, Beijing’s Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the 2,000 year old Great Wall of China, the Potala Palace in Lhasa, and the nightlife of bustling cosmopolitan Shanghai. Even Hong Kong can be accommodated in your schedule if you wish.


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