When you take the Northwest Passage Cruise,  you’ll follow in the wake of many great explorers who sought fame and fortune, for their goal was to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic north. Such grit and determination was the making of legends, though today, we often remember how sheer human courage was unable to conquer death and misery. Very few made it safely through the Northwest Passage.

With our cruises you travel the frigid landscape in a lot more comfort, passing the ceremonial grounds and ship graveyards as you do. History is ever-present and greatly enhanced by the expedition leaders. Their knowledge is both compelling and unforgettable, after all, you are experiencing so much of it first hand.

Wildlife is as much a part of the Northwest Passage Cruise.  For the bird enthusiasts there are over 26 species of sea birds that nest, fish and migrate through the area. But what makes the trip truly memorable is that first encounter with the mighty Polar bear, one of nature’s most dangerous yet beautiful creatures, who wanders the ice floes with her cubs in search of seals.

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