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Frequently Asked Questions about Celebrity Cruises - call 1300 799 758

The Celebrity Cruises FAQs section provides you with some of the most commonly asked questions that guests ask. We have tried to provide appropriate answers to these many questions and have listed these below as well. These questions and answers should only be used as a guide only, as facts and circumstances might and do change frequently, which may affect the appropriate answer at the time. 

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Frequently asked questions

"If any itinerary changes take place before your cruise, you can find more information on our website. Any major changes will also be broadcast to you via the email address you have associated with your booking and reflected in your itinerary online/in the app.

Should any itinerary changes or global events impact your cruise while you're onboard, you will receive an in-stateroom letter and notification via a Captain's Announcement over the ship's PA system."

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Frequently asked questions

Hand Washing

Guests are strongly encouraged to wash their hands with soap and hot water after using the restroom and before eating or handling food. Medical experts say this is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses from starting or spreading.

Illnesses and Isolation of Guests

Celebrity Cruises® follows practices and maintains policies that seek to prevent illnesses from affecting our guests. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses like gastrointestinal viruses, colds and flu is to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water after using the restroom and again before eating anything. In the event you experience symptoms that indicate a gastrointestinal illness, such as diarrhea or vomiting, or know of someone experiencing these symptoms, you must advise the medical staff immediately. In addition, some gastrointestinal illnesses remain contagious up to 72 hours or more after symptoms subside; therefore, if you or someone you know experienced such an illness just prior to your cruise, you must immediately notify the ship's medical staff. This will permit the crew to take steps to reduce the chance that your illness will spread to others on the ship. Failure to immediately report a contagious illness to the ship’s medical staff, or to accurately describe its onset, greatly increases the likelihood the illness will spread to others and is a violation of this Guest Conduct Policy. In the event of a contagious illness, the ship's crew will take steps to curtail its spread to other guests, including if necessary, steps set forth in the Consequences Section below.

Fitness to Travel Safely

Guests with disabilities are not required to travel with another person as a condition to traveling on our ships. However, all guests must consider that crew members are not required to assist guests with personal tasks or personal hygiene needs (e.g. assisting with eating, dressing, toileting). Therefore, guests requiring assistance with these functions should consider these needs when planning a cruise vacation.

If there is a question as to a prospective guest's ability to independently provide for their personal needs or hygiene without being a danger to themselves or others, and the guest plans to travel alone, this situation must be discussed with the company's Access Department prior to booking a cruise vacation. The Access Department can be reached at Special_Needs@Celebrity.com or by calling 1.866.592.7225. This will allow an individualized assessment of the guest's fitness to travel for the duration of the cruise without personal assistance. Unaccompanied guests attempting to board or found onboard without the ability to independently care for their personal needs will be evaluated to determine if they are fit to safely travel without assistance. Guests who are found unfit to travel may be denied boarding or removed from the ship at the next port-of-call.


Guests must ensure that they bring an adequate supply of any medication they require for the entire duration of the cruise. The ship's medical centers may not have a supply of any needed medication and not all medication will be available in the ports-of-call. Guests must not pack medication in checked luggage to ensure you always have immediate access if needed.

In compliance with strict standards set by U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) and the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP), our ships have always been maintained using the most rigorous cleaning regimens. All ships are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to every voyage, and consistently and frequently throughout your sailing, with disinfecting cleaning agents and techniques that have been certified by health authorities as effective against SARS-Cov-2/COVD-19/Coronavirus and other pathogens. All chemicals are EPA-certified, alcohol-based, scentless, and safe for the general population. High-traffic and frequently touched areas like elevators, escalators, stairways, and promenades are cleaned every two hours and gangway rails every 20 to 30 minutes during busy times. Staterooms are cleaned daily and only while guests are out of the room, with particular attention paid to frequently used items and surfaces. All stateroom and housekeeping attendants will be continuously trained on the latest sanitization guidelines. We'll ensure cleaning standards are upheld through frequent stateroom inspections using black light technology to show surface wiping efficacy. Crew will have mandatory, ongoing training classes and refreshers that are documented to ensure all the latest protocols are being followed, in compliance with various international regulations, including the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

On Celebrity Cruises ships, 100% fresh ocean air is continuously supplied from outside. Intake of air occurs on one side of the ship for cooling and ventilation, then the air is removed via exhaust on the opposite side of the ship. This continual intake of fresh air replaces the air in any space, with a total air change up to 12 times an hour in staterooms, and about 15 changes an hour in large public spaces. Fan coil units in your stateroom and public spaces provide an extra layer of protection, continuously scrubbing the air of pathogens, using a high-grade MERV 13 filter that captures aerosols 0.3 to 1 micron in size with ~90% efficacy— fine enough to filter aerosolized viruses. An independent study by the University of Nebraska Medical Center confirmed that cross-contamination of air between adjacent spaces is virtually impossible thanks to this powerful system.

We recommend each guest bring their personal preference of protective equipment, but if you do happen to forget or misplace your mask or other items, you may ask the Guest Relations desk or visit the sundry station onboard.

While onboard and in the cruise terminal throughout boarding, screening and disembarkation, masks are optional unless otherwise required by local ordinance.

We continuously monitor global health ordinances and may adjust this advisement to ensure the health and safety of our guests and crew. Guests will be notified pre-cruise or onboard, should we make changes to this policy.

The health and safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. All crew members are provided with the tools and the training to follow all new protocols — including how to properly don personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves in roles in circumstances where they may be deemed necessary. Advisement to wear masks is subject to global and local health advisement.

The health and safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. All crew members are provided with the tools and the training to follow all new protocols — including how to properly don personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves in roles in circumstances where they may be deemed necessary. Advisement to wear masks is subject to global and local health advisement.

If any of our guests or crew members ever feel unwell during their sailing, they can be immediately evaluated by medical staff, with an in-stateroom visit or by video tele-consultation. A multitude of evaluative tests can be conducted right onboard in our medical lab. This is just one capability of our enhanced Medical Center.

In the interest of public health onboard, isolation and/or quarantine may be required to prevent exposure to people who have or may have any kind of infectious disease. A guest that is diagnosed as having an infectious disease by a member of our medical staff onboard will need to isolate onboard for a period of time — either until they can be safely disembarked at a port of call with private transport home, or when the sailing concludes back at the home port where it started. Those guests who meet the threshold to be deemed a close contact will need to meet necessary quarantine and/or testing requirements based on their vaccination status.

Guests who must isolate due to an infectious disease diagnosis will remain in their stateroom or be moved to a stateroom near the medical center where medical staff and Guest Services will check on them regularly, depending on availability. Complimentary amenities including room service and WiFi will be provided.

Guests treated on board may request copies of their medical records by faxing a completed request form to 786-264-9682.

In the event any of our guests or crew tests positive for COVID-19 onboard, we have a robust, tiered response plan in place that we've developed with guidance from local authorities and leading public health experts. The tiers increase protocols and vigilance onboard while providing transparent updates to guests the whole way. In partnership with local authorities, Celebrity Cruises has developed transport protocols to ensure the ship can return to port safely.


Frequently asked questions

Your safety and security is our highest priority and we have processes in place to help ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.

The Staff Captain (second in command of the ship) directly oversees the daily security operations onboard, which are run by Security Officers. Security teams include other professional security personnel, such as Deputy Security Officers, Guest Security Supervisors, Supervisors, and Security Guards.

Security Guards and Supervisors wear light blue shirts with a distinctive epaulet on each shoulder and a gold badge on their left pocket. You may approach them when you see them around the ship. You may also ask our Guest Services Staff to notify our Security Staff if you need to speak with them.

To report a crime or other emergency situation on board, you may dial a designated emergency number (8888 on most ships but check your Guest Services Directory to confirm) from any shipboard telephone. A ship's officer will ensure that appropriate security and medical personnel, if necessary, are immediately sent to your location to assist.

Security Officers receive specialized training. They are certified by the Security Industrial Authority of the United Kingdom and are directly trained by specialists such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are also guided by procedures developed in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Allegations of criminal incidents onboard Celebrity ships do occur, just as they do on land. However, their rate is significantly below the rate of crime on land. By policy and by law, all such allegations are reported to law enforcement, including the FBI, and they can and do board our ships to investigate and prosecute.

Overall, it is recommended that you exercise the same level of precaution at sea as you do in social settings on land.

Celebrity has closed-circuit television cameras located in hundreds of strategic, public locations throughout the ship but not in private staterooms, public restrooms or private spa areas. These systems are upgraded as new technologies are developed. Recordings from these cameras are routinely utilized by our security teams and made available to investigative authorities as requested.

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For Celebrity Cruises® and parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the safety of our guests and crew has always been our highest priority. Our marine safety record over our corporation's 42-year operating history - and Celebrity Cruises' 20-year history - illustrates our commitment to the safety of the millions of guests and crew who sail with us each year. The measures we take in the interest of safety are many, with our ships often exceeding what is required by regulatory authorities. It's all part of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. For additional information on section and security Click Here

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Yes. Just like the security screening at an airport, we also screen all luggage brought on board to ensure everyone’s safety. If an item within locked luggage is prohibited or believed to be prohibited, the bag will be taken to the luggage screening location onboard. The guest is informed to proceed to the designated area to complete the luggage inspection. During the screening process, we will ensure the correct procedures are followed while adhering to any Healthy Sail Panel recommended procedures. If a prohibited item is confiscated, during the luggage inspection process, the guest will receive a Prohibited Items Receipt. The Prohibited Items Receipt provides instructions on how to collect confiscated items at the end of the voyage. The guests must show their Prohibited Items Receipt to retrieve the confiscated item on the final day of the voyage. VIEW ITEMS PROHIBITED ONBOARD

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Frequently asked questions

For all Celebrity ships:

• Dial: 1-877-266-1020(applicable country code)+1-321-953-9002 (outside the United States)

• Dial the appropriate number above.

• The caller will be asked to enter the credit card number and expiration date.

• The system obtains a real-time hold for $79.50 ($7.95 x 10 minutes) and initiates the call to the ship. The $79.50 hold is the maximum that will be held. Actual charges will be calculated based on the number of minutes used on the call.

• A voice prompt directs the caller to the specific ship.

• The call is connected to the ship.

• The call rings through to the designated department onboard (Radio Station or Purser Desk). The call is then routed to the guest's stateroom.

• The PBX monitors the call. If there is no answer, the call will ring back at the designated department onboard (Radio Station or Purser Desk) and a written message is taken for delivery to the guest's stateroom.


Frequently asked questions

There is a full laundry and dry-cleaning service available onboard for reasonable rates.

Note: The detergent that is used onboard fleetwide is Laundry Neutral Detergent from Ecolab.

Regular service, picked up before 9AM, is returned next day. For same day service, picked up before 9AM and returned same day, add 50% express service surcharge.

Self-service laundry is not available onboard, however we do offer a range of full laundry and dry cleaning services for reasonable rates.

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