North American River Cruise


If you were ever lucky enough to have watched the old “Western” movies or read about the antics of Mark Twain’s character, Huckleberry Finn, then you’ll have an inkling about a North American River Cruise. Those jazz playing, gambling and decadent voyages while the Wild West was being tamed. Yet despite such reminiscing, American River cruises are not all confined to the mighty Mississippi. They extend to Oregon and Washington State in the Northwest too,  where the Columbia and Snake Rivers run supreme.

In the old days the Mississippi River was abuzz with “paddleships”, but today, they are few and far between, making these cruises both unique and exotic. The Mississippi is cut into two sections, with the first portion a voyage through the heartland of the US (reaching as far north as St Paul in Minnesota), while the second section is as far south as you get, New Orleans.

All these journeys delve into America’s historical past. The terrible plight of the Civil War or the Jazz capital of the world, the “Big Easy” New Orleans. Here in the South there is blend of everything, French architecture, music, food and memories.

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