Hawaii Cruises


You’re one of our Hawaii Cruises and this is what to expect: the land of garland wreathed girls in grass skirts and the most alluring “aloha” smiles. Literally stated aloha means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. No wonder the place is so chilled and laid back. This Pacific paradise is home to the best beaches, surfing and scuba diving out east. Or west depending which side of the horizon your telescope is facing. There is tons to do and see with helicopter tours over volcanoes and dolphin hugging photo-ops, Hawaii has got it all. Don’t forget the obligatory Hawaiian shirts.

You may have seen the TV series but this is real. You are going on a Hawaii cruise with the best in the industry.

BlueSun Cruises is North America and Hawaii cruise expert, so speak to one of our friendly cruise managers on 08 9315 2222 or 1300 799 758