Malta Cruise


You’ll discover a lot of history on a Malta Cruise since pretty much every pugnacious and greedy war leader from William the Conqueror to Adolf Hitler fought to have and hold this island. Why? Because Malta was of huge strategic significance, standing in the breach between the mainlands of Europe and Africa. For centuries, Malta was the possession of the knightly Order of St. John – the Knights Hospitaller. Her capital Valletta was conceived in 1566 by the Order’s Grandmaster, Jean de la Valette, to protect the island’s eastern shores from marauding Turks.

Today, Malta is a lot less tarnished by despotic warmongers, but as the largest of seven islands she is a holiday destination of great love, her sun-soaked, honey-coloured rock the pasture of sunbathers more than bandits! Narrow streets are a hive of tourist attractions from Baroque buildings, to boutique shops and churches. The megalithic stone temples at Gozo are reputedly the oldest freestanding structures on Earth.

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