Portugal Cruise


A Portugal Cruise pays reverence to the past with Lisbon being the focal point. It was from this port that the greatest names in seafaring and exploration took off to search the world, returning home with treasures and plunder the likes of which Europe had not seen before. Lisbon was built on the success of great men like Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, and Ferdinand Magellan. It was their wealth that turned Lisbon into a beacon of style, architecture and wealth.

When you cruise to Lisbon you enter a wide bay where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic, and the white facades of its ancient neighbourhoods lead uphill to the iconic Castelo de São Jorge. Other landmarks include the World Heritage Sites of Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, both built in Lisbon’s native Manueline architectural style. Deeper inland you can cruise the Douro River from Porto to Spain, passing through stunning landscapes on route.

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