You can go by ocean or river but either way, Asia defines what cruising is all about. Relaxation, love, peace, harmony, endless time. Memories. Respect. And then you have the food component from world famous restaurants to unmatched street food and floating markets. Asia also leads the world in hospitality. Let us rephrase that: it defines and embodies the very principles of service from food to massage.

We love to talk about “destination immersion” and nowhere is this more possible than here. From Singapore to Japan, China to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, the cruise list is endless. But this is where experts like BlueSun Cruises fit in. We are an industry leader for good reason. Our cruises circumnavigate the world, but being based in Australia, we are a breath away from these fantastic destinations and experiences.

Let BlueSun Cruises lead the way. Our experienced cruise managers are just a phone call way:  08 9315 2222 or 1300 799 758.

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